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Our Fees

A fixed one-time fee

We charge a one time fee of 1/2 of one months rent.

Typical property management fees are around 10% per month. For a property that rents at $1500 per month, you would be paying your property manager around $1800 a year. Our fee is only 1/2 one months rent! So, for that same property, you would pay only $750 for the entire year. If your tenant stays for a second year, your average cost is even less!

Comparison Chart – Example: rent is $1500/ mo, property management fees are 10%

Management CompanyTenant Finder
by Rentals in Fort Collins
One Year Lease$1800 in management fees$750
Two Year Lease or Tenant Re-signs $3600 in management feesStill $750

*For the second year, this figure assumes your tenant has re-signed a lease for another year. You do not pay us any more for a lease renewal!

We typically require a one year lease, but we can also look for a tenant to sign a two year lease or we can look for a tenant to sign a shorter lease if you need.