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Our Services

When you hire us to get your property rented, we do everything from start to lease signing. Here are the specifics of our service:

Preparing for Rental

We gather information about your rental property, help you determine a fair rent amount, and let you know if there is anything you need to do to prepare your rental (cleaning, maintenance, repairs).

Getting your Property Listed

We will get photos of your property and get it listed on current and relevant listing sites which typically include Zillow, Craigslist, or Northern Colorado Rentals.

Showing your Property

We will begin to conduct showings and show qualified renters your property.

Collect Applications

We will collect applications from any qualified renters, run credit checks, and check on past rental history. After we complete these steps, we will then present you with your options so you can choose the most qualified applicant.

Get a Lease Signed

We are not currently providing a written lease due to legal reasons, but we can direct you to where you can obtain a well written lease. We can then prepare your lease and collect signatures. At the time of lease signing, we collect a security deposit for you.

Your tenant moves in!

Now that you have a signed lease with a qualified tenant, our job is done. You will be collecting rent checks each month and you will be taking care of any maintenance issues that arise.