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Tenant Finder

Don’t want to pay Property Management Fees? Let us find your tenant for a fraction of the cost!

Here’s how it works:

  • We find you a tenant
  • Pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay a property management company
  • Your name is on the lease as the landlord

Finding a tenant is typically the most time consuming part of being a landlord! Creating the marketing ads, corresponding with prospective tenants, hosting showings, reviewing applications takes quite a bit of time. Our tenant finder service performs all of these tasks so you don’t have to! We will find you a tenant and help you get the lease signed. Once a lease is signed, your name will be on the lease as the landlord and you will be responsible for collecting rent and any service or maintenance calls. In our experience, this is a minimal amount of work.

Read about our one time fee.Read more about our services.

What about quality of your tenant?

We have been renting properties for over 20 years and have a remarkably good history! We use a formula in which to choose tenants (which includes background checks, rental references, and credit checks). Through this formula, we find high quality tenants that are very unlikely to cause problems. Perhaps you’ve heard about landlord horror stories. Most of these can be avoided by choosing the right tenant. Although it is a bit more complicated than taking the first applicant, having the right person rent your property removes much stress from being a landlord. In over 20 years of rental experience, never once have we had to perform an eviction and have only received late rent checks a couple of times, ever!